An Interview with Ad film Director - Rajesh Bhardwaj

3 months ago

1. What are the big challenges of Ads Film Makers and work with top big Bollywood Celebs?

Ans-The main challenges we are facing with Bollywood Celebs like planning, timing, Execution because they are very punctual for timing. If you are ready with every prospect they come & give the shots because they are only working 8 hours shift.

If any shot missing on delivery timing you can call again to celebs & they will charge the same amount & that too celebs per day Cost is very high. So we have to ready with every possibility

2. What made you pursue film making.

Ans- I am basically from Mathura  (UP) & being a middle-class family. Whenever I saw Ads like Nirma, Dabur and many more. I Used to play Ad Drama with our cousins. After that, I thought why not in Ad film making business so  I started from Delhi and after That, I Came to Mumbai.

So If You have some determination to do something different & Challenging you to have to learn every small step of the business.

3. What is Your Greatest Achievement Till Today?

 Ans- When Your Hardwork will praise & whatever project we have done till now as a director, Concept writer and Ads. 

people will like it & accept the products in their daily routine that will be the greatest achievement for us. The public will trust us they saw Ads on T.V & buy the product like Dr. Ortho, MDH, Kesh-King & Plasto WaterTank.

4. How did you come up with the idea of your new Ads film for the MDH brand new campaign?

Ans- When I got a call from MDH they said you guys are doing good Ad films. after that, they showed us two brands.

A) MDH Biryani Masala

B) MDH Kitchen king masala

A) Well MDH is a very famous & popular brand everyone knows that So basically they are looking for something very unique idea for their Biryani and Kitchen King masala. so we come up with this new version we are going to tell people how to make biryani & what all ingredients you have to add and what not to ad simple so that people will not get confused and they make good biryani at home.

B) Kitchen King Masala is known for the king of all masala it will go with any kind of curry, whatever you are making just add some kitchen king masala & the taste is awesome

5. Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects?

 Ans- I  cannot disclose everything about our upcoming projects or campaign before the time because there are so many Competitors who gonna copy our campaign & these things are completely top secret by agencies/ Post- Production /Director /Clients.

But whatever we are working for so many brands like Isotine Eye drop India's no 1 eye drop 14 Diff types of add films we are doing & 14 diff subject also Although WAH India masala we are coming up with Hema Ji with a new concept. For Example Sahi Paneer, Waah Masala, you no need to add anything except  Paneer & we are coming up a new concept of Dr. Ortho Meanwhile we are coming up with India's 1st herbal Mosquito Repellant Ointment that is good for health No Chemical, No Alergi, 100% Safe 100% Effective.

6. Which film has inspired you the most

Ans-Not One, actually there are so many movies which like the most DDLJ, Korakagaz, Chalbaaz, HAHK &, etc. In my life, lots of movies have Inspired me every stage of life.

7. Do you have any advice for young FilmMakers?

Ans- I Always believe in good film making and good work (Hard Work) & when you do a good job people automatically follow you and 1 day become famous & popular than every brand & everyone wants to work with you. Do not run behind the money run behind the work & people will automatically acknowledge you.

 The script should not miss in add film. Customer should not miss guide about the product, People will get attached to the Ad film not get bored or confused to after seeing the add.

8. Which particular filmmaker has influenced you most?

Ans-  Rishi Kesh Mukherjee Ji I like his storyline simple and straight forward, simple costume, the simple house that's why middle-class family gets connected easily to his film. Meanwhile, I like Prakash Mehra Sir, Sippy Sir & Subhash Ghai.

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